Wise decision making or why it’s good to sleep on it for a night

I don’t like people holding a pistol on my head and forcing a decision. This is especially true for meetings of all kinds. Meetings were invented as a platform for egomaniacal people to display themselves as the greatest and to throw their brain farts as an act of verbal incontinence (sometimes sold as brainstorming). OfContinue reading “Wise decision making or why it’s good to sleep on it for a night”

How to write a successful grant proposal early in your career

Applying for fellowships is equally challenging as publishing a paper, but a largely unavoidable process on your way up the career ladder. Since I successfully applied for a 2-years postdoc fellowship with a huge national funding agency, I like to share my experience to aid others on their way: ) The idea behind the project:Continue reading “How to write a successful grant proposal early in your career”

Academic bullying – Experiences with toxic supervisors

Mental health issues have come to the foreground in academia. The system is prone to the development of mental illnesses, due to the many challenges scientists face, let it be the short-term contracts, lack of funding or the publish-or-perish mentality. In addition, working in highly competitive research areas can lead to the constant fear ofContinue reading “Academic bullying – Experiences with toxic supervisors”

Manuscript relationships – 5 reasons why it’s complicated

“How is the status of your manuscript?” … “Well, it’s complicated.” Sounds like I would talk about a serious relationship with another human being. It is serious! But why is it complicated? What makes manuscript writing such a roller coaster ride? Manuscripts do not come alone. They are usually attached to supervisors. And co-authors. AndContinue reading “Manuscript relationships – 5 reasons why it’s complicated”

Working from home

The current Corona situation forces many of us to work from home. This is especially a challenge for scientists that have to get their lab or field work done. Teaching suddenly needs to be implemented online, and students are complaining that the schedule is different from their normal curriculum. Home office is also a struggleContinue reading “Working from home”

What matters more: talent or persistence?

What are the characteristics that make women successful in science? Is it networking skills, intelligence or talent? I actually doubt it. In my opinion the most important qualities to “make it” in science are persistence, selling yourself and some luck component related to being at the right place at the right time. If you areContinue reading “What matters more: talent or persistence?”

Women in STEM, who are your mentors?

Do you have anyone you can look up to? Are these people great humans, great scientists or both? Do you know them in person or are they distant idols? How did you find these people and how do you stay in regular contact with them? What I have learned so far is, you can meetContinue reading “Women in STEM, who are your mentors?”

Unspoken expectations

What I realized is that there are many unspoken expectations towards women in science that many women probably adapt to without even notizing the inappropriateness, since they never learned it the other way. From my experience, it is for example very common that female researchers are exprected to arrange birthday and other presents for theirContinue reading “Unspoken expectations”

The CV of failure

You constantly hear people talking about their academic successes, let it be in the workplace or on social media. The cool conference they visited abroad, the paper they published so easily, and the job they got despite 500 high-potential competitors. It’s very easy to hear and read about what worked well. But no one talksContinue reading “The CV of failure”

A platform for women in STEM

Dear Shes in STEM… This blog is for all women in STEM no matter which career stage you are: Everyone from undergraduate to professor level is welcome to participate. I feel the need for a platform to share our experiences in the work place, including: Academic work culture Everyday challanges in STEM work Women inContinue reading “A platform for women in STEM”